Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday in Greenwood

Matt had to go help his dad install the air conditioning unit at Nick's new vet clinic in Greenwood, so Katie and I spent all day with Grandma, Aunt Mischelle, and all the cousins.

Katie loved getting to play with Abi, Brandon, and Camryn..

Katie enjoyed getting to play with some new toys.. Some of her favorites included a Disney Princess tent, a walking toy that plays music, Cozy Coupe, and the playhouse. Katie doesn't have anything like this at her house, so it was fun!

We took the boys some lunch at the clinic and got a tour of the new place. It's going to be one good-lookin' clinic once it's finished... Dr. Coston, you did good! I love this picture of Uncle Matt-Matt and Brandon!

Mischelle and Nick are adopting a little boy, Dexter from China. He turned 1 on September 23, so we celebrated by singing happy birthday to him and eating some cake! Dexter, we can't wait to meet you very soon!

The kiddos all got to take a bath together, and Katie enjoyed getting a book read to her from her oldest cousin, Abi. I know Grandma enjoyed giving all 4 kids a bath at once ;o)!!

After a fun-filled day in Greenwood, it was time for the Fryar family to pack up and head home.. Miss Priss was exhausted and slept the entire trip home and didn't wake up until 9:00 the next morning!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girl's Night/Morning

What a fabulous weekend we had last weekend.. Tory came into town, and I decided it was about time for a girl's night. So, I got Katie to bed on Friday night and went over to Jenn's house to wait on Tory. When she got there, we went to Steak and Shake (nearly 10:00 p.m.) and had so much fun. We felt like we were in college again since we were going out that late at night. After Steak and Shake, we drove to Starbucks to get some caffeine in our systems.
The young man at the window at Starbucks was the biggest goober, EVER! He was just acting strange, and he probably thought it was weird for middle-something, twenty year olds to be out that late on a Friday night!!
When we got back to Jenn's, we couldn't resist the movie... "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" One of the best movies ever made.. I think all three of us could quote that movie word for word. The movie is awesome, but THIS is the REAL reason we wanted to watch is.. WOW!
Here's Tory starting to poop out on us!
We ended up piling up in Jenn's bed and talked to 1:00 a.m. then Tory went to bed and Jenn and I continued to talk til nearly 2:00 a.m.! It was so nice to just catch up and be girls again... LONG OVERDUE!
The next morning, Matt came over and met up with us. We introduced Katie to Tory's dog, Juno. Juno is a BIG dog, and I thought Katie would be timid. Not at all. She loved Juno.. I think Juno was a little timid of Katie, though!
We then went to the Farmer's Market on the Fayetteville Square like most Saturday mornings. We ate breakfast there and just enjoyed being outside!
Katie got to play in the water on the square, and we even managed to make it over to Bliss Cupcake Cafe.
Once we left the square, we drove to campus to check out our names on Senior Walk. On the way there, I think Jenn enjoyed her flowers a little too much! Katie enjoyed the attention that Tory gave her, too!
We showed Katie all of our names and talked about how we couldn't wait for our kids to go there someday and show them all around campus!!

All in all, it was one of the best nights! I miss Tory, and I loved taking K to a place that has so many memories for all of us...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Katie - 10 months

***It is so hard finding the time to blog now that school has started back.. You know what, though?? I am still going to try!*** 8/4/10 Stayed with Mimi while Mommy went to work in her classroom
8/5/10 Went to lunch at Guidos with Daddy, Mommy, and Uncle Josh
Mimi came over so Mommy and Daddy could go work in Mommy’s classroom
8/6/10-8/7/10 Stayed with the Costons while Mommy and Daddy chaperoned a youth trip
8/7/10 Went shopping at the Promenade and enjoyed being outside
8/8/10 Mommy’s coworkers (Mr. Joey, Ms. Kim, and Ms. Suzanne) came over with their families for dinner
8/9/10 Bought “First Day of School” outfit from Gymboree
8/10/10 Woke up with high fever (102.8)
Sick child doctor’s appointment with Dr. McCord (21 lbs.) Rosiola Virus
Stayed with Nanny and Papa while Mommy got her haircut
Aunt Jenn came over while Mommy went to dermatologist
8/11/10 Last day home for summer
Grandma got here
8/12/10 Mommy’s first day back to work for the 2010-2011 school year
Grandma watched you
8/13/10 Grandma watched you
Mommy had a social to meet her new students
8/14/10 Went to the Farmer’s Market
8/15/10 Watched Daddy practice softball at the field
8/16/10 First day at Coleman’s Children Academy :o(
Watched Daddy play his first softball game
8/17/10 9-month check-up – 20 pounds 13.5 ounces, 26 inches; Daddy showed the nurse practitioner a ridge on your forehead, and she ordered a CT scan
8/18/10 CT scan at Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic – it was very traumatic because Daddy and the tech had to hold you down while Mommy watched through a window
Went to lunch with Mimi, Papa, Aunt E, Mommy, and Maureen Brogden
8/21/10 Went to the Farmer’s Market with Mommy and Daddy and enjoyed a cupcake from
8/22/10 Went to Dexter’s baby shower in Greenwood
Hung out with the Costons and Grandma and Grandpa
8/25/10 Grandma’s birthday!
8/26/10 Went to see Dr. Livingston to discuss CT results – NORMAL!!! (20 lbs. 13 oz.)
Have a bad ear infection – on antibiotics
Stayed home from school because of fever
8/27/10 Went to eat at Mad Pizza with Mommy and Daddy; the Crowders happened to be there, too! We took Aunt Judi home and she rode in the back with you…
8/28/10 Went to Reid and Lilly Scott’s birthday party
Went to Frisco Festival with Mommy and Daddy
Went to eat at a NICE restaurant – Copeland’s
8/29/10 Mommy and Daddy got to work in the Caterpillar room (Katie’s room) at church!
8/30/10 3rd tooth (top left) cut through!!!
Watched Daddy’s softball game
9/1/10 New word - "what?"
9/2/10 Went to Rhea Lana’s with Mommy and Mimi
9/3/10 Stayed the night with Mimi and Papa so Mommy and Daddy could go to the drive in
Kathryn Elizabeth,
You are the light of our lives! Daddy and I "fight" over who gets to go get you out of bed each morning because you literally melt our hearts every single day. Your newest word is "what," and you love to say it ALL THE TIME! The other day, Daddy was trying to get your attention and you looked at him and said, "Dada, what?" We both laughed so hard because you are so smart! You are doing so incredibly well at "school" and are definitely one of the most popular babies. It doesn't hurt that your mommy used to work there and knows quite a few of the workers. It wouldn't matter anyways because you are just so happy and so content. Everyone wants to be around you! Baby girl, I cannot believe that it has already been 10 months. You are growing too quickly, but I love the little girl you are becoming...
Mommy and Daddy