Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry so late!

I had to go out of town Tuesday-Friday for my second year of Literacy Lab. The workshop was held in Searcy. I had a great time spending time with my great co-workers, but I didn't have the best time during the workshop. I felt like we were pretty much read to the entire time, and I didn't learn anything new. HOWEVER... We had a presenter come and introduce us to a softward for your classroom library - AMAZING! We all pretty much felt like we were in teaching heaven. I don't know about all the other teachers out there, but I have struggled with trying to find the best way to handle my classroom library (checking books out and in). With this software, you scan all the books you have and it automatically enters them into your personal software. Then, it is handled just like a regular library. You know when a book was checked out and who did it. You also know what kinds of books the students like to check out and how many books each kid checks out. It is quite possibly the BEST thing I have ever heard of for a classroom!

Anyways, onto the photo challenge!

Day 5 - July 27, 2010
I let Katie play by herself in the playroom this afternoon. She LOVED banging her pots and pans together and climbing on the play kitchen.

Day 6 - July 28, 2010
Mommy had to go to a workshop in Searcy for a couple of days, so baby girl got to stay home with Daddy. Daddy took her to the library for Toddler Time. It was his first time to take her and her last time to go this summer.
Day 7 - July 29, 2010

Katie had her very first non-family babysitter this morning - Audrey Rogers.
Day 8 - July 30, 2010 (Mimi's Birthday)

Cousin Hannah came over and watched Katie this morning. Katie loved spending time with her older cousin, and I'm pretty sure Hannah enjoyed the Katie time, too!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Days 3 & 4

Day 3 - July 25, 2010
We took Katie to her very first Naturals game. She had a BLAST just people watching and clapping when others around her did. I'm not so sure we would have made it without her "snacks." This little girl managed to eat 2.5 Mum Mums, about 15 cheetohs, and about 25 puffs. She was an EATING MACHINE! She was so well behaved and made it halfway through the game. We finally took her home at 7:30 because she was getting sleepy. What a WONDERFUL family memory :o)

Day 4 - July 26, 2010

Today, I had the honor of spending an entire afternoon with one of my most favorite former students. This young lady brought a smile to my face everyday, and I hope that Katie is sweet like her. I will miss you next year, sweet girl!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 2 - July 24, 2010

Day 2 - July 24, 2010

Today, Daddy put Katie's swing up in the backyard! She loved swinging in her new swing and even sat in it without being pushed while Mommy and Daddy cleaned out her pool. Check out those ADORABLE little feet :o)

Friday, July 23, 2010

365 Day Photo Challenge

I noticed quite a few of my Facebook friends doing the 365 day photo challenge, so I decided to check it out. It is basically a way to capture your life in a year with only one photo a day. If you'd like to check it out, you may:

I may not update my blog every single day, but I will post every photo I take along with a caption! So, here's to my first day of the 365 day photo challenge...

Day 1 - July 23, 2010
This is Katie and her friend Blake Meesey. Blake's mom, Jenny, and I met in college and became great friends. She has another son, Hayden, that is 3. Blake is only 6 weeks older than Katie, and they have a blast together. I thought this picture captured our day perfectly! Jenny brought the boys over to play today, and Katie and Blake had so much fun. In this particular picture, Katie had just stolen (yes, my daughter is a binky stealer... what can I say???) Blake's binky, so he decided to steal her Tylenol bottle. It was VERY cute!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eating Machine

I remember the months when the ONLY thing Katie wanted to eat was Mommy's milkies.. Not anymore, I tell ya! This little girl wants anything but her mommy's milkies. She is still nursing 3 times a day, but on top of that, she is eating 3-4 jars of baby food plus snacks.

Her favorite jars of baby food are beef and mixed vegetables, chicken noodle dinner, macaroni beef tomato dinner, turkey rice, bananas, and applesauce. She is in Stage 3 foods and the occasional Stage 2 with a little rice cereal to thicken it up.

She has tried most of the baby snacks and loved all of them! The ones we keep around the house are:

She also LOVES Motts for Tots. Aunt Jenn's boyfriend, Brad, works for Dr. Pepper/Motts and supplies us with Motts for Tots and Katie is very grateful! She has learned to hold her sippy cup up enough to get the juice out. It is so cute watching her tilt it this way and that :o)

On top of nursing, baby food, snacks, and juice, Katie manages to "sneak" in a couple of big girl foods, too. Her favorites are crackers, ice cream, spaghetti noodles, rice, grilled chicken, green beans, pineapple, mushrooms, black olives, and OF COURSE Two Two's Butterfinger cake!

A funny story about her that I just have to share. The other afternoon Matt was sitting on the couch eating some leftover pizza, Cooper was laying by the fireplace and Katie was playing in the floor. Within one minute of sitting down, Cooper made his way over to the couch to beg (like usual). Matt gave him a small mushroom and told him to go on his way. Within another minute, Katie had crawled over to the couch to beg. She was standing against her daddy's legs, flapping her arms wildly and making loud noises. So, Matt gave her a small mushroom to chew on. This, in turn, led to more begging from Cooper. The two of them ganged up against Dad and managed to steal quite a bit of his pizza.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 10 of Summer

I am copying this from a fellow friend's blog ( There are so many great things about summer, and here are a few of my favorite things:

1 - No work!

2 - Playing in the water with Katie

3 - Fresh Tomatoes

4 - Farmer's Market Saturdays

5 - Able to stay up later

6 - The sound of kids playing outside

7 - Sno Cones

8 - Vacations

9 - Flip Flops

10 - Grilling out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4, 2010

We had a fabulous 4th of July! We started off the day by going to church and Sunday school. Katie was dressed very patriotic like with her red, white, and blue plaid dress and big, red, flower bow. She was absolutely precious! That afternoon we rested and gave Katie long naps, so she could have fun during the evening and nighttime activities. We hosted 4th of July at our house last year and had a great time, so we opted to do it again.

We had a wonderful appetizer of BBQ grilled sausages and pepperjack cheese. We got the idea from another friend. For dinner, we had hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, corn on the cob, and chips. For dessert, we had a patriotic cake and a yummy ice cream cake!

Here's a sweet picture of Katie playing in the fireworks.

While dinner was cooking, Josh helped entertain Emma. They played paperdolls! SO... Any of you single ladies out there want a great guy?!?! Just let me know!

Hannah's 23rd birthday was actually Saturday, but we celebrated it during the 4th! Happy Birthday, Nanners!

Papa got to give Katie her first bite of ice cream! She didn't just get a bite :o)

Katie loved all the attention she got from her cousins and aunts!

We laid blankets down, so she could crawl around on the grass. She was definitely the pre-show entertainment!

Katie loved hanging out with Aunt Julie, but she always loves giving a smile to her Daddy!

Mommy, Daddy, and (sleepy) Baby

I don't know why this picture keeps showing up sideways on here! It isn't like this on my computer, but oh well! We were watching fireworks down the street! She loved the bright colors.
Katie didn't really make it to the actual fireworks because she got too tired, but she wasn't scared! The ones she did manage to watch and see, she enjoyed. Aunt Judi was kind enough to take her inside and put her to bed. It was a GREAT holiday, and I can't wait until next year!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

6/4/10 Went to Mommy’s school to say goodbye to her students
Went to Tyson to hear Aunt “E” sing at Tiger Pride
6/5/10 Went to Farmer’s Market
Stayed the night with Mimi and Papa while Mommy and Daddy went to the drive-in
6/6/10 Went to church with Mimi and Papa
Grilled outside with Mommy and Daddy
6/7/10 Mommy’s last day with her students!!!
Went to Mimi’s afterschool so Mommy could get her room ready
6/8/10 Mommy’s LAST day of school!!!!!!!
6/8/10-6/13/10 Hot Springs Trip (stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Fryar for the first time)
6/10/10 Mommy and Daddy’s 4th Wedding Anniversary
6/12/10 Went to the lake and played in the sand and water
6/14/10 Stayed the night with Mimi and Papa
Met Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jim for the first time!!
6/15/10 Went to Monte Ne Chicken with Nanny, Papa, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Jim, Uncle Frank, and Mommy and Daddy (ate mashed potatoes for the first time)
6/16/10 Went to Fun City and rode the rides!
Ate dinner at Aunt Jenn’s
Second tooth (bottom left)
6/17/10 Visited Hannah at work
6/18/10 Dinner with Papa for early Father’s Day
6/19/10 Dinner at Aunt Judi’s house
6/20/10 Daddy’s first Father’s Day
6/21/10 Pulled up on couch and took 5 steps along it!!!
6/23/10 Toddler Time at SPL
6/24/10-6/27/10 Stayed with Mimi and Papa while Mommy and Daddy went to Dallas
6/24/10 Went to VBS at Sonora
6/25/10 Went to VBS at Sonora
6/28/10 Had lunch with Daddy at his office
6/29/10 Sick child dr. appt with Dr. Livingston – First Stomach Virus (19 lbs. 8 oz.)
6/30/10 Toddler Time at SPL
7/1/10 Aunt Jenn came for dinner
7/2/10 Moved to Stage 3 Baby Foods
Spent the day with Bogles!!
Dinner at Nanny’s with the Bogles and Crowders
7/3/10 Farmer’s Market with Mommy, Daddy, Crowders, and Bogles
We have had the best month! Mommy has been home with you nearly all month long since it is summer vacation, and it has been so great! You have truly become an adventurous little girl this month. You love to explore new things and new areas. You have also started trying new foods. You absolutely love any bread product - you are your mother's child! You are the happiest baby and love everybody. I always prayed that I would have a baby that loved to smile and made other people happy just by a single smile. You definitely do that! You will go to anyone as long as they pay you some attention.
We love you so incredibly much and are constantly thanking God for letting us be your parents.
Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Things You Do for an 8 year old!!!

Wear Silly Bands...

Play Beauty Shop...