Monday, December 22, 2008

Silk Road

I met Matt today for lunch at Silk Road. It is a Thai restaurant that is owned by one of my student's families. We went there because we love their fried rice and we knew that we could order one thing and it would be enough (plus it is cheap). So, we are sitting there waiting on our food and Mr. Vannonh (owner and father of my student) comes out with fresh spring rolls for us. "They are on the house," he says and motions for us to try them. THEY WERE DELICIOUS... Well, in about 3 minutes our order of fried rice comes out and it was also very delicious.. We are eating our meal and out comes Mr. Vannonh AGAIN with another plate of food for us to try. "Combination Pad Thai -- Number 1 Seller --Try it, it's on the house," says Mr. Vannonh. So, we eat this, too!

The reason behind this post wasn't only to "brag" about how great life is being a teacher, but to remind everyone how the littlest things can make the biggest difference. Mr. Vannonh was making us feel special by giving us free food, but the look on his face after we tried his food was priceless...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love and Marriage

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the wedding of one of my best friends. Standing through the wedding (apparently, Episcopals stand up a lot during weddings), I had an opportunity to reflect upon my relationship with Cori and upon our marriage. Watching Mary Claire and Andy recite their vows and exchange their rings threw me backward through time to the day when Cori and I said the same words and went through the same actions. I was in love with Cori then... Today, though, I love her in a deeper and more meaningful way than I ever knew that I would. And when I stop to think about that, it occurs to me that if our relationship has grown and developed this much in just two and a half years of marriage, it will be a truly amazing thing to see what we are like together in twenty, thirty, or fifty years.

I am so excited for Mary Claire and for her new marriage, but I know that the best is ahead of them. I would never trade what Cori and I have now for those first few months of marriage. That time was special and new and exciting, but what we have now is... even better. People warn you to enjoy the first few months of marriage because "it all changes when the honeymoon ends." That's true, but I think that--possibly--it all changes for the better. Anyways...

I guess I just wanted to let everyone know how excited and happy Cori and I are for Mary Claire - she is a really special person who has made my time in law school a lot more enjoyable. And I also wanted to reflect on love and marriage...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Working with Children

I don't know how many of you have ever witnessed a child experience an "Aha" moment... Well, I am working with a fantastic group of children for reading and math. These kiddos are either new to the country or need more explicit instruction than what they would normally receive in an everyday classroom. So, I opted to work with them rather than children who already "get it."

I am teaching equivalent fractions today and they FINALLY made the connection between equivalent and equal!!! I have been showing them, but for those teachers out there you know that students do not get it until they are able to see it for themselves! I was SO proud of them!!! Another great accomplishment... Three weeks ago, we received a 5th grader who had just been enrolled into school (I mean JUST ENROLLED!). She moved to the U.S. from El Salvador 4 years ago and has never been in school, so you can just guess how far behind this poor girl is. Today, she volunteered (another big accomplishment) to come up to the board to work an equivalent fraction problem. You know what?!?! She got it right! The whole class erupted in applause! They were just as proud of her as I was. That was definitely one of the moments that made me realize the reason I am a teacher.

I love the school I work at because I am able to work with these special and beautiful children...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Missing my husband...

Well, it is that time of the year again... The time of year that I am without my husband for a week. It is something about the necessity to study for finals and then there is the fact that I don't enjoy helping him study for finals.. So, it is best that he studies with someone else.

It hasn't even been a full day, yet, and I already miss him. I have already washed the dishes, watched a Christmas movie, gone to aerobics, and played on Facebook... I feel like I have nothing left to do and there is 4 days left to go!

Tomorrow night, my parents and sister are coming over and we are going to cook dinner and watch ANOTHER Christmas movie. Thursday night, I have aerobics. So, I just have to keep myself occupied Wednesday night.. ANY TAKERS?!?!

Here is a message for husband if he reads this post: "I love you and come home soon!"

Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting back in the groove...

I never realized just how difficult it would be to get back in the groove of things at school. I was only gone for 5 days and it seems like I am starting the year out all over again. I swear I was a first-year teacher or something :o)

Any advice????