Sunday, February 14, 2010


Emma and Katie had a sleepover on Friday night. I was getting Emma into the bathtub while Katie was having tummy time. I walked out of the room for maybe 30 seconds, and when I came back she wasn't on her tummy anymore. I went into the kitchen to ask Matt if he rolled her over, and he said, "Nope.. She just rolled over." I couldn't believe that he didn't like scream and yell or something. I missed her first rolling over, but Daddy made it in the room just in time to see it. Emma also got to see her do it.

Check out the video of her rolling over!!!

EXCUSE the wild laughter at the end.. It was my first time to see her, and I just couldn't help myself!


Mischelle Coston said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I bet I have watched this 500 times. Thank you for sharing and for calling. Love YA!