Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy 11 Months, Sweet Girl!

9/4/10 Went to the Clothesline Fair in PG
Watched Razorback game on t.v.
Ate an entire chocolate chip cookie (threw up in the middle of the night)
Ate deer meat
9/5/10 Went shopping with Mommy and Daddy
Uncle Josh, Aunt Jenn, and Brad came over for a cookout
9/6/10 Labor Day
9/10/10 Stayed with Daddy while Mommy had a girl’s night with Aunt Jenn and Tory
9/11/10 Went to the Farmer’s Market
Visited the U of A campus to see our names on Senior Walk
Spent the night with Mimi and Papa because Mommy and Daddy went to Polo in the Ozarks
9/13/10 Mimi picked you up from school
9/14/10 Mimi picked you up from school
9/16/10 4th tooth broke through (top right)
Went to a PTA meeting at Lee
9/18/10 Went to Sunset Grill with Mommy and Daddy for breakfast – LOVED the pancakes and eggs!
Learned a new word “Dog”
9/20/10 Took first step (two another one later)
9/24/10 Stayed with Mimi and Papa while Mommy and Daddy worked the SSAF Chili Supper
9/25/10 Spent the day in Greenwood, so Daddy could help at the vet clinic
9/26/10 Slept until 9:00 a.m.!!!
Went shopping with Mommy
9/27/10 Went to pediatrician – 21 lbs 7.5 oz – ear infection in right ear
Watched both of Daddy’s softball games and was out until 9:15!!!
9/30/10 Mommy picked me up from school an hour early
Ate dinner at Red Lobster with Mary Claire – loved the shrimp and bread
10/1/10 Miss Bethany’s last day as Katie’s teacher
10/2/10 First haircut (cut the rat tail)
10/3/10 2 Teeth came through (two teeth next to the top middle two)
My dearest Katie,
You are the light of our lives! You are so active and so close to walking. I used to think that since you crawled and pulled up so early that you were going to be an early walker. Boy, was I wrong! It doesn't bother me a bit, though. I love watching your little booty when you crawl. So sweet. You are also quite the talker. We have been told by many other parents that you are extremely advanced linguistically. You like to say: what, dog, mama, dada, tan (Tanner, Grandma's dog), book, boy (that's what we call Cooper), and that. I am one proud Mommy!! You also love to eat table food. We have you try nearly everything we eat, and you will eat almost everything! These past few months have flown by and the sheer thought of you turning a year old in less than a month just breaks my heart. You are my little angel! Daddy and I love you so incredibly much.

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