Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Look Back on 2010

2010 was quite possibly one of the best years of our lives!
January - Katie smiled for the first time. We got LOTS of snow! Katie started using Miralax for constipation (thank goodness). Went to Greenwood to visit Auntie Shell, Uncle Nick, Abi, Brandon, and Camryn. Celebrated Uncle Josh and Cooper's birthday. Mommy went back to work and Katie started staying with Nanny and Papa. Katie started sleeping on her tummy.

February - Mommy got two snow days!! Katie rolled over for the first time. Celebrated Valentine's Day. Katie slept in her big girl crib for the first time and moved to her nursery upstairs! Aunt Emma turned 8 and had a hip-hop dance party. Went to Hot Springs to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Ate oatmeal for the first time!!!

March - Went to Greenwood to visit everyone. Katie tried many new foods and LOVED every single one of them! Katie and Daddy spent the entire day together while Mommy was in Branson with friends. Got 10 inches of snow!!!!! Katie got her first ear infection - BOO. Mommy was on Spring Break! Celebrated Daddy's 26th birthday at Gusano's. Mommy got 11 inches cut off her hair and donated it Locks of Love. Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!! Katie laughed out loud for the first time!!!!!

April - Went to Greenwood for Abi and Camryn's birthday party. Katie's first Easter! Did lots of campaigning for Mike Moore for Congress. Mommy went to ONSC and had to be away from Katie overnight. Katie started sitting up! Katie's ear drum burst :o(

May - Had a garage sale and made some extra money. Katie turned 6 months old! Had Baby Dedication at church. Mommy celebrated her first Mother's Day with a baby in her arms! Katie spent the night with Mimi and Papa for the first time! Katie had her very first sno-cone. Went to the park and the Farmer's Market a lot!!! Katie got her first tooth!

June - Stayed the night with Mimi and Papa a few times! Mommy's last day of school!!!!!! Mommy and Daddy went to the Bar Meeting in Hot Springs while you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 4th Wedding Anniversary. Katie met Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jim for the first time. Started going to Toddler Time at the Library. Katie got her second tooth. Daddy celebrated his first Father's Day with his princess! Mommy and Daddy went to Dallas for 4 days.

July - Celebrated the 4th of July with family, food and fireworks! Katie started clapping and said her first word "Uh-Da-Da." Visited Daddy at work a lot. Took Katie to a Natural's baseball game. Mommy went to Literacy Lab in Searcy for 3 days.

August - Katie said, "Ma-Ma." Katie said, "No." Katie spent the night in Greenwood with Auntie Shell and Uncle Nick. Mommy's coworkers came over to celebrate school starting back. Grandma came to stay with you for a few days. School started back for Mommy. Katie started school at Coleman's Children Academy. Had a scare with a ridge on Katie's head and had to have a CT scan. Daddy started playing softball with the church. Katie got a bad ear infection in her right ear. Went to cousin Dexter's baby shower in Greenwood. Katie got her 3rd tooth.

September - Razorback football started back!!!! Spent the night with Mimi and Papa a few times. Katie got her 4th tooth. Katie said, "Dog." Spent some time in Greenwood. Katie still had ear infection in right ear. Found out that Mommy is going to have another baby!!!

October - Katie got her first haircut. Katie got two new teeth in one day! Grandma came into town to visit Katie. Watched LOTS of Razorback football. Katie still had ear infection in right ear and was referred to an ENT for tubes. Katie became an official walker! Mommy had her first OB appt with Dr. Reiter and got to see Jellybean on an ultrasound. Celebrated Halloween!

November - Katie turned 1!!! Met Dexter for the first time. Went to Hot Springs every weekend to go Deer Hunting - Daddy killed an 8 point and Mommy killed her first deer! Katie had surgery to get tubes in. Got to hear Jellybean's heartbeat through a doppler! Spent Thanksgiving in Hot Springs. Mommy turned 26!

December - Katie went to see Santa Clause and was terrified! We all got the Stomach virus. Kennedy turned 1! Went to see Aunt E at her first piano recital. Went to look at the lights on the square. Mommy was on Christmas break and got to be home for 2 weeks! Celebrated Christmas in Springdale! Katie got her very last bottle...


Jennifer Pharr said...

I enjoyed reading this!

Love y'all!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Katie right ear ok now? Does it have big effect on her? Hope she fully recovered as if nothing ear infection happened...

I enjoy reading it to..but i'm bothered with Katie's ear infections