Thursday, February 3, 2011

Walkin' in Memphis..

Last weekend was the Mid-Year Bar Meeting in Memphis, and we decided to take Katie with us. We figured she deserved a little getaway, too! So, we drove to Little Rock on Thursday and stayed with Tory. We had a GREAT time with her, and KK sure loved getting some snuggle time with Aunt Tor-Tor!

We woke up Friday morning and went to Babies R Us to get some stuff for Miss Anna Claire.. We bought her adorable bedding and even managed to come out with quite a few things for Katie... Go figure! Then, we went to ACH, so I could visit my sweet student, Alvin.

The drive to Memphis wasn't too bad.. Katie was extremely well-behaved and played in her carseat and slept. We got to Memphis a little early and couldn't check into the Peabody, so we drove to the mall and did a little shopping. We only bought a few things, but we bought Katie a set of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines from the Disney store! HUGE HIT! Then, we let her ride the carousel in the mall.. She LOVED IT!!! She kept kissing us because she was so happy. We've got to find more carousels for this girl to ride.

That night, we met up with the other lawyers for a BBQ dinner downtown. Katie did pretty well especially since she didn't really nap all day! Then we went to the rooftop of the Peabody for a huge dessert buffet. YUMMY! Katie most definitely was well-behaved for this part (she got to eat to her heart's content!!).

We woke up Saturday morning, and Katie and I ate breakfast at the Peabody - YUMMY and way too expensive! Then, we drove to the CMOM (Children's Museum of Memphis). We had so much fun showing Katie such great and fun things. Daddy had A LOT of fun, too :o)

Katie LOVED the quack quacks at the Peabody and was very content just sitting and watching them!

And of course, a trip to Memphis just wouldn't be the same without a walk down Beale Street. So, we did what any good parents would do... We took out 15 month old down Beale Street... in the daylight! She had a BLAST listening to all the music and seeing all the people. I swear if she'd had a bucket in her lap, she could've made a killing! All the drunks loved oohing and aahing over the dancing baby in the stroller!
We had a GREAT time with our princess!!

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