Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring has sprung :o)

Today was the most beautiful Spring day... We took Katie outside to play two different times!! She found a dried-up wipe in her Cozy Coupe that entertained her the entire time. She cleaned everything in sight - her animals, the mail, the weeds, an empty Diet Mountain Dew bottle, Mommy's legs, the road, her face, etc... It was rather entertaining :o)

We also took her on a walk down the street. She refused to hold our hands because she's too independent. She loves to explore and discover things without the restraint of a hand. She loved picking "flowers" in the neighbor's yards (aka their weeds). She also enjoyed seeing a cat - from a distance. There was a man sitting in his driveway revving up his motorcycle, and she got a kick out of that, too! Little one even managed to scuff her knee up for the first time. She cried for about 5 seconds and was ready to go again. Our neighbors across the street have this little bench in their yard. Of course Katie HAD to sit on it and threw a huge fit when it was time to go!!!

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Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

She looks so big walking by herself! (; She is precious!