Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Aftermath

From Matt

I sit here today proud to be an American. Not, I would like to point out, because Barack Obama won the election or because an black man rose to the highest office in the land. Rather, I am proud to be an American because I was able, again, to witness a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. We take this for granted. Amid all the debates and negative attack ads and personal emotions we have regarding the election, I think we forget that the United States of America is unique in our world... No other nation has had such a successful and long-lasting "experiment in democracy." So - I am proud to be an American.

That said... You should have known I would have to give a brief rant regarding the outcome of the election. I mean, what the hell were my fellow Americans thinking?!?! Christians who voted for Obama? Really? What does the Bible say about gay marriage and abortion? A majority of people with graduate and doctoral degrees who voted for Obama? Really? The people who make the most money (because they earned degrees that allow them to make the most money) voted for the candidate who want to increase their taxes and give the money to welfare? Soldiers in Virginia and Maryland who voted for Obama? Really? The people who pride themselves with protecting our nation voted for the candidate who wants to sit down with the Iranian president without preconditions? I am saddened and sick to my stomach at the thought of what the next four years hold. Forget the conspiracy theories (Christian and otherwise)... Whether he's the Antichrist or was planted by terrorists - I'm more worried about what he is going to do to our taxes, our economy, our national security, and our values as a society!

So... Okay... I would say I feel better having gotten that off my chest, but I really don't. Oh well... I, and the rest of our great nation, will suffer through four years of an inexperienced, untested, liberal president. Maybe we'll get it right in 2012. One could only hope....

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

You did what you could. You voted. I know I prayed for the outcome of the election for months, you just have to trust that God knows what he doing. :)