Friday, March 27, 2009

The Life and Times of Cooper J

So it's been a busy week with our little Cooper! He is such a fiesty pup - he loves to play and will chew on absolutely anything that he can fit in his mouth. But he's also very sweet and absolutely adorable!

We have learned that Cooper's affection for us knows no bounds... Matt was in the shower the other day and had taken Cooper into the bathroom with him, thinking Cooper would just play with his toys until Matt got out. We have a glass door to our shower, and Cooper stuck his nose to it and whined like he was getting his toenails pulled out. Matt, hoping that cracking the door to the shower so that Cooper could see him better, slid the door open just a couple inches. And that was all it took! Despite the fact that he HATES getting wet (bath, rain, etc.), Cooper jumped up in the shower and sat down at Matt's feet! He would rather get drenched in the shower than spend 5 minutes "alone" (i.e. in the same room as someone who's taking a shower)! A couple days later, he did the exact same thing to Cori! Like we said... His affection for us knows no bounds!

The housebreaking is going REALLY well... He has, not always - but often, started going to the back door and whining to be let out when he needs to pee. This is huge (and fast) progress! He still has an accident every once in a while, but that is usually because we aren't paying enough attention to his "I-have-to-pee-and-if-you-don't-take-me-out-I'm-going-to-do-it-behind-the-recliner" dance. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to housebreak him before we moved to our new house, but I think that we'll definitely be able to have him (at least 90%) ready within the next two months!

Finally, this was a busy week for the three Fryars (yes, we count Cooper as one of our numbers)... We went to the drive-in movie on Friday night (which Cooper J absolutely loved!) to see Twilight (which Cori E absolutely loved!). Matt turned 25 on Monday (just how many grays hairs does he have now?). And Cori, who is on Spring Break, has been working tirelessly on her ESL paper... We are looking forward to the weekend and a chance to see family for our nieces' joint 5th and 1st birthday parties.

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Fryar Family said...

Your family has expanded and your love has grown larger. Is it not nice the way that works? {:o)