Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's A....

GIRL! We're expecting a daughter - Kathryn Elizabeth ("Katie")!

We went to my brother-in-law's vet clinic in Fort Smith last night to get an ultrasound. With all the flips and somersaults she was doing, it took Nick and Mischelle nearly an hour to nail Peanut down to get a look at the "money shot." But when they finally saw those three little lines, we were all really excited!

We're about 90% sure it's a girl... Certain enough that we went to Wal-Mart on our way home and bought two little pink outfits for her (not certain enough, though, that we're going to paint the nursery just yet...). One of the outfits was a pink onesie for next spring/summer that says, "Daddy is my Hero," and the other was a sleeper with little bunny feet for this winter with a bunny on it that says, "Mommy's Girl."

We have an ultrasound at the OB's office on July 24 that will, hopefully, confirm last night's results. Until then... THINK PINK!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Yay! Girls are so fun!! Get ready for Matt to be a wreck when she gets here--it is just something about girls! I like "Katie". If this one was a girl, I really liked "Molly". Girls are so much easier to pick names for!! How is the hematoba (sp check?)?

Fryar Family said...

The afternoon before you did the ultrasound that last night, I was talking to Mischelle while in Wal Mart..... If I had just known for sure, I would have bought that cute set of socks and those pink booties. Now, I have to make it back to get them before they are all gone. Hum..... another pretty girl in pink and lace. Yea! ! 1