Thursday, December 31, 2009

What an EVENTFUL year we had

2009 was definitely an eventful year for us... Here are some of the major things that occurred in our lives this past year:

We welcomed a cocker spaniel puppy into our lives. His name is Cooper, and he is full of energy. This was a picture of him when we first got him back in March. He will be one-year-old in January! We love you, Cooper!

Shortly after we got Cooper, we found out we were pregnant!!! We named our little baby "Peanut."

Matt graduated from Law School in May.

Which is also the month in which we bought our first home! It is a beautiful 2-story home, and we look forward to living here for many, many years.

Cori said goodbye to her first group of students. They were the best group, and she misses them everyday!

Cori and Matt celebrated their 3-year wedding anniversary on June 10!

Matt took the Bar Exam in late July and passed with flying colors!! Once he got his results, he became an associate attorney at Cypert, Crouch, Clark & Harwell in Springdale.

Cori and Matt went to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, and had a GREAT time!! Definitely a much-needed vacation after Matt took the Bar Exam and Cori finished her first year of teaching.

Cori and Matt had many baby showers for baby Katie! There was one in Springdale, one in Hot Springs, one at Elmdale Baptist Church, one at Care Group, and one at Cori's school! Katie is very blessed :o)

For Halloween, Matt painted Cori's pregnant belly to look like a jack o' lantern. Cori was on bedrest during Halloween and missed going to the Razorback game.

Kathryn Elizabeth Fryar ("Katie") was born on November 3 at 6:26 p.m., weighing 6 lb 8 oz. She was 19 inches long with a head full of beautiful hair!!

We brought Katie home and introduced her to her big "brother" Cooper!

Cori celebrated her 25th birthday with a baby in arms :o)

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a 3-person family!

Baby Katie turned a month old on December 3, 2009!

We celebrated our first Christmas as a 3-person family!!

It was an amazing year, and I'm not sure if 2010 can get any better. We are, however, looking forward to seeing what the new year holds in store for our family!

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