Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun Saturday with the Cousins

Last Saturday, we spent the day in Greenwood with Katie's cousins - Abi, Brandon, and Camryn. We went and saw Abi at her last basketball game... She was a cheerleader! (See below)
While at the game, Aunt Mischelle was trying to give some love to her favorite niece, but her own little one (Camryn) became very jealous. So, here is a sweet picture of them...
Then, we went back to the Coston house and hung out for the afternoon. Daddy and Katie took a nap on Aunt Mischelle and Uncle Nick's bed...

After naptime, we all went outside and played on the swingset. Katie got to swing for the first time and loved it!!!

Then, Aunt Mischelle and Uncle Nick left, and we babysat the 3 Coston children. Abi was such a big helper and wanted to be with Katie the entire time. She was so sweet with her. She held and cuddled her, played with her, and helped bathe her. I love this picture because Abi is focused on the camera and Katie is so focused on Abi. I think Katie is always going to look up to her big cousin!

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