Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 4 Month Birthday!

Things that happened this month:

2/4/10 Went to Addison Eggers’ baby shower at Mommy’s school
2/5/10 Went to La Huerta with Mommy and Daddy (I didn’t cry the whole time!)
2/9/10 Snow Day for Mommy!!!
2/12/10 Spent the afternoon at Mommy’s school for the Valentine’s Party
1st Daddy/Daughter Dance at Lee
Rolled over for the first time!!!
2/13/10 Went to Mimi and Papa’s house, so Mommy and Daddy could go on a date
2/14/10 First Valentine’s Day!
2/15/10-2/17/10 Parent Teacher Conferences: Daddy picked Katie up every day
2/17/10 Stayed with Ms. Nancy because Papa had surgery on his PaceMaker
2/18/10 Slept in big girl crib for the first time
2/19/10 4 Month appt with Dr. Livingston – 12 lbs. 11 oz. (40th %) 22 inches (10th %)
2/20/10 Emma’s 8th birthday party at Dare 2 Dance (she got very sick)
Aunt Mischelle, Abi, Brandon, and Camryn came to visit – went to Fun City and Braums
Ate Oatmeal for the first time and LOVED it!!!
2/24/10 Aunt Emma’s 8th birthday
2/25/10 Slept from 8:00-5:30!!!
2/26/10 Went to Hot Springs for the weekend
3/3/10 Stayed with Ms. Kori
Ate green beans and loved them!


You are getting to be such a fun baby! You are ALWAYS happy and will smile at anyone that will pay you any attention. You absolutely LOVE to be held, but you also really enjoy your alone play time. You still love to take a bath with Mommy, but you really enjoy bathtime in your little bathtub, too. Daddy and I absolutely love feeding you every night. We look forward to that special time all day long! You have brought so much joy into our lives these past four months! Thank you for being our daughter!

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

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