Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Saturday night (12/11/10) we went on a family date! We took Katie to one of our VERY FAVORITE restaurants from college - Hugo's. It was absolutely delicious...just like we remembered! The only thing missing was the grasshopper crepes, but we knew we were going for dessert later on. Anyways, after leaving Hugo's, we walked up to the Fayetteville Square to look at all the beautiful lights. It was absolutely FREEZING! Katie was well bundled, but we were not. Here's a picture of Little Miss all bundled up in her stroller.

Katie really loved the lights and people singing. Her favorite was the carousel covered in lights! We walked by it two different times, and she stared and stared! It was so sweet.

Matt and I were talking about all the times we had been to the square to look at the lights. Our most memorable trip was probably Christmas 2003. We had just started dating that October. I had been at Pomfret, and we decided to make the drive to the square to look at the lights even though it was nearly midnight and icy roads! We barely made it to the square (ALIVE), but once there it was the PERFECT trip. It started snowing, and we were just about the only ones there. It was beautiful, romantic, and freezing cold. Such a special night for the two of us!

Since this was our first time to take K, we had to have a family picture. We look forward to taking our kiddos every year and building those memories with them!

Pretty sure it doesn't get any more beautiful than this!

On the way home, K was all snuggled in her carseat. She ended up falling asleep. Such a special night for the three of us!

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Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I am so thankful for the square and the wonderful memories that our family has created there these past couple of years!

Glad you guys are making them too! Katie is so stinking cute! Can't wait to see that little sibling!