Monday, December 22, 2008

Silk Road

I met Matt today for lunch at Silk Road. It is a Thai restaurant that is owned by one of my student's families. We went there because we love their fried rice and we knew that we could order one thing and it would be enough (plus it is cheap). So, we are sitting there waiting on our food and Mr. Vannonh (owner and father of my student) comes out with fresh spring rolls for us. "They are on the house," he says and motions for us to try them. THEY WERE DELICIOUS... Well, in about 3 minutes our order of fried rice comes out and it was also very delicious.. We are eating our meal and out comes Mr. Vannonh AGAIN with another plate of food for us to try. "Combination Pad Thai -- Number 1 Seller --Try it, it's on the house," says Mr. Vannonh. So, we eat this, too!

The reason behind this post wasn't only to "brag" about how great life is being a teacher, but to remind everyone how the littlest things can make the biggest difference. Mr. Vannonh was making us feel special by giving us free food, but the look on his face after we tried his food was priceless...

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I got Taboo for Christmas and Matt got the Office game...turns out I am not so good at Taboo! We need to get together for games.