Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Present Time

We spent Christmas with my family this year and it was wonderful to get to be with Emma on Christmas morning. I just kept saying, "to be 6 again..." all morning long. She was so sweet and caring and thankful for everything.

This first picture is actually Christmas Eve after she had opened up her AG pajamas that came with a matching pair for her AG doll.

Here is a picture of Matt and I in our Christmas Eve pajamas. They usually are matching, but this year Mom just got similar ones! It is a GREAT tradition!

Here is Emma and I in our pajamas!

Here is Matt going to get Emma out of the bedroom, so she can see what Santa brought her!

And here they are as Emma sees that Santa brought her Nelly the AG doll!!

Every year that we are with my parents on Christmas morning, we play some sort of money game. This year, we all three (Matt, Emma, and I) got to each pick 4 bags. Each bag contained some amount of money in it. I think Matt and, together, got nearly $70!

And now... Every year, Mom makes us neatly pile all of our presents together and take our pictures with our presents..

It was a great Christmas!!

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