Monday, May 10, 2010


KK (Katie's nickname) has been SO mobile lately. About a month ago, she started rolling everywhere she wanted to go. Then about two weeks ago, she started scooching anywhere she wanted to go. Now... She is starting to crawl!! Time is just going by so fast! I must tell you that the thing she is crawling to in these pictures, is none other than....

Daddy's Diet Mountain Dew!!!!

On Saturday, we got up bright and early to go to some neighborhood garage sales (COMPLETE BUST!), but we didn't find anything. So, we drove around until it was time for the craft fair at the Convention Center to open up. We had such a good time pushing KK around, looking at all the crafts. We ended up buying some fudge, a cute dress for Katie, a crinkly book for her, and some doggie soap. She is such a people watcher and had a blast just looking at people. Of course everyone noticed her, which made her smile and coo and babble. She is such a ham, and I LOVE IT!!!

A little bit later, Matt's parents came into town. We went to the War Eagle Craft Fair... There wasn't much there at all, but it was so nice to just be outdoors in the sunshine. KK had a blast at War Eagle. She, of course, loved the people, but she also loved the music playing and the river. She even managed to eat a cracker for the first time. She only choked once, which I thought wasn't too bad for a first time! She loved it and cried when it was gone! We are going to go to the store and buy her some of those biter biscuits.

Then on Sunday, it was Mother's Day! Last year, I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Miss Priss, and this year she was over 6 months old! CRAZY! Anyways, it was Baby Dedication Sunday at church and most of our family came to see Miss Katie get dedicated to the Lord. Our little ham managed to sneeze twice while we were up there and of course everyone laughed! She has a way of making people laugh :o) After church, we went to lunch at AQ. It was a lot of fun to be with everyone on Mother's Day. Katie was a little fussy at the restaurant, but overall, she was pretty good. She had such a good time with her Mimi, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt "E", Aunt Mischelle, Uncle Nick, and cousins - Abi, Brandon, and Camryn. She loved playing with Grandma and Camryn. She even managed to give Abi some kisses! I even think that she talked Aunt Mischelle into giving her some of her Chicken and Dumplings!!! KK even got me a present! She got me Twilight and New Moon on DVD. I think she is almost ready for a Twilight marathon... Don't you?!?!Overall, it was a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to Mother's Day every year!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I love her smile. She is such a stinking cutie!!