Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 Months Old - UNBELIEVABLE!

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Sweetheart!

4/4/10 First Easter (slept through the Easter egg hunt)
4/5/10 Stayed with Ms. Nancy
Ate Chicken and Chicken Gravy – DID NOT LIKE IT!
4/6/10 Stayed with Ms. Nancy
Went to Mommy’s school for a parent night
4/7/10 Stayed with Ms. Kori
Stayed with Daddy while Mommy went to BUNKO
4/8/10 Stayed with Ms. Kori
Put Crib Bumpers back in because you kept hitting your head and getting legs stuck!
4/9/10 Stayed with Ms. Kori
Went to Mimi and Papa’s while Mommy and Daddy did a fundraiser at Lee
4/10/10 Went to Chick-fil-A for the first time and REALLY wanted a bite of Daddy’s Chicken
Bought a high chair!!!
4/17/10 Stayed with Mimi and Papa while Mommy and Daddy went to the Republican debate!
Celebrated Aunt Jenn’s birthday with a cookout at the house
4/18/10 Went to a political lunch to support Mike Moore for U.S. Congress (was told that I was
the best guest there!)
Had to buy a big girl car seat because the one in Daddy’s car is just too small :o(
4/24/10 Rode in big girl car seat for the first time
Sat in big girl high chair at Sunset Grill and ate breakfast (Peaches and Bananas)
4/26/10 First night away from Mommy (ONSC) – Daddy’s first night alone with Katie!
4/28/10 Started sitting up!!!
4/29/10 Mimi came to babysit so Mommy and Daddy could go on a date!
4/30/10 Went to see Dr. Livingston (16 lbs. 14 oz.) because of leaking ear fluid - ear drum burst
Went to BBQ contest at the convention center
5/1/10 Had Garage Sale
5/2/10 Went to Abbi, Baylee, and Meaghan’s BDAY Party
Dear Princess P,
This has been such a fun month with you. I know I say that every month, but you just keep doing new things! I love it! You have really become mobile this month. You roll EVERYWHERE - under your crib, across the living room floor, up next to the fireplace - pretty much anywhere you aren't supposed to be. You have started sitting up and love to be looking around at things. You LOVE to eat... You now get two meals a day of jarred food, and you love just about everything that you get. Your favorites right now are Apples and Blueberries, Turkey Rice Dinner, Squash, Sweet Potatoes and Turkey, Chicken and Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables, Applesauce. Oh, and Daddy let you try Diet Mountain Dew this month, and you didn't really like it. I am sure you will someday, though. Mommy let you try a graham cracker, and you really liked that!
We love you sooooo much and cannot imagine life without you. You are our Princess P!!!
Mommy and Daddy

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