Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Months Old (A little late!)

My sweet little princess is 7 months old! UNBELIEVABLE... It seems like just yesterday that I was admitted into the hospital for high blood pressure and told that I wouldn't leave the hospital without my baby girl in my arms. Katie has had a GREAT month as far as milestones go - she crawled, pulled up, got her first tooth, and stayed the night away from us for the first time.

Here is her 7th month:

5/7/10 Went to Aunt Jenn’s new home for the first time
Ate at Red Lobster with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Jenn, Gene, and Cindy
5/8/10 Went to craft fairs
5/9/10 Baby Dedication Sunday!!!
Mother’s Day – you are the best gift, ever!
5/13/10 Aaron Matthew Bunch born at 8:00 a.m. 8 lbs 5oz.
Mommy nursed in public for the first time at TaMolly’s
5/15/10 Aunt Jenn graduated from Medical school
Spent the night with Mimi and Papa for the first time
5/16/10 Went to church with Mimi and Papa at Sonora
5/17/10 Rode in a grocery store buggy for the first time and LOVED it!! Smiled at everyone!
5/18/10 First election!!! Helped Mommy and Daddy wave at passing cars…
5/19/10 6 month doctor appt (2.5 weeks late) with Dr. Livingston – 17.5 lbs (75th%); 25.5 in (15th%)
5/21/10 First sno-cone!!!
Went to Murphy Park with Mommy, Daddy, and Coop – looked at baby ducks, rode in a swing, and played with my toes.
5/22/10 Went to Farmer’s Market
Ate lunch with Aunt Judi and Uncle Mike
Played outside in the water!!!
5/23/10 Had a picnic lunch at Murphy Park with Mommy and Daddy – looked at baby ducks again and went down the slides with Dad
Fell asleep while on a walk around Pinewoods
Baby shower for Baby Boy Anglin
5/24/10 Went from a laying down position to sitting up!
Officially crawling :o)
Pulled up to a standing position!!!
5/27/10 Went to Aunt ‘E’s school for the annual BBQ
Ate dinner at Aunt Jenn’s new house!
5/29/10 Cookout at Mimi and Papa’s house
5/30/10 Cookout at Aunt Carol’s house
5/31/10 First Tooth!!!!!!!
Cookout at Aunt Judi’s house

Sweet Baby Girl,

This has been the BEST month so far with you... You have experienced new things and learned to do many new things. You amaze me every single day! I've been trying to figure out what my favorite thing about you is. I can't decide if it is how excited you get whenever you see me or the way you are SO persistent when you are trying to do something new or that goofy little sound you make that sounds like an 80-year-old smoker! I guess I don't really have to decide - I love everything about you. Kathryn Elizabeth, you are the most perfect baby girl, and I love you so much.



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