Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What are we getting ourselves into?!?!

Matt and I will be starting p90x this week. We have heard such great things about it, and we both really want to get fit. Yes we know we could just go to a gym, but we don't want to leave Katie 5 days a week. With this, we can do it once she is in bed. Just wait.... We are going to look JUST like the people in the poster above! Well, maybe a little :o)


Ashley said...

ahhh omg I thought I was the last person in the world to try this! I'm three weeks in and soooo addicted! the first two weeks are tough tough tough but hang in there and it will get easier...good luck you guys keep us posted! :)

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Good luck! Matt and I have started working out too! I think that is a picture of us....hahaha....not so much. Katie is so stinking cute. She is chubby like Reid and I LOVE IT!!! We need to do a summer playgroup..interns with babies, emily gunn, whoever....we need to set this up!

Mischelle Coston said...

You know it will work -- Nick did it 3 times and he now looks just like those pictures! :o)
Let me know how you like it! Keep up the good work!