Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father's Love


You became a father on March 23, 2009, but you became a Daddy on November 3, 2009. You fell in love with our wonderful little peanut the day you found out I was pregnant, but I don't think you were even able to fathom the love you would have for her once she was here. To see you with her just makes me smile. You adore that little girl, and she adores you!

Since today is Father's Day - your first "official" Father's Day - I wanted to show you some sweet pictures that I love of the two of you!

From the moment you first saw her, you loved her!

You have always known how to put her to sleep... I'm not sure if it is the way you hold her, or if she just feels safe and secure in your strong arms.

She LOVES when you read to her... She becomes so intrigued. I think your love for reading is going to rub off on Miss Katie.. At least, I hope so!

She can always smile at you!

Especially when you give her Diet Mountain Dew! NOW... Whenever she sees a Diet Mountain Dew can, she thinks she has to have some ;o)
She LOVES to play with you - at the park, in the living room floor, in the backyard, or laying in the bed!

Happy Father's Day, my love... Katie is so incredibly lucky to have you as her daddy, and I look forward to watching you guys build that strong Daddy-Daughter relationship. I have always loved you so much, but I think seeing you with a little girl makes me love you even more.

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Matt said...

Thank you, Sweetheart. I love you and Katie SO MUCH!