Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

6/4/10 Went to Mommy’s school to say goodbye to her students
Went to Tyson to hear Aunt “E” sing at Tiger Pride
6/5/10 Went to Farmer’s Market
Stayed the night with Mimi and Papa while Mommy and Daddy went to the drive-in
6/6/10 Went to church with Mimi and Papa
Grilled outside with Mommy and Daddy
6/7/10 Mommy’s last day with her students!!!
Went to Mimi’s afterschool so Mommy could get her room ready
6/8/10 Mommy’s LAST day of school!!!!!!!
6/8/10-6/13/10 Hot Springs Trip (stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Fryar for the first time)
6/10/10 Mommy and Daddy’s 4th Wedding Anniversary
6/12/10 Went to the lake and played in the sand and water
6/14/10 Stayed the night with Mimi and Papa
Met Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jim for the first time!!
6/15/10 Went to Monte Ne Chicken with Nanny, Papa, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Jim, Uncle Frank, and Mommy and Daddy (ate mashed potatoes for the first time)
6/16/10 Went to Fun City and rode the rides!
Ate dinner at Aunt Jenn’s
Second tooth (bottom left)
6/17/10 Visited Hannah at work
6/18/10 Dinner with Papa for early Father’s Day
6/19/10 Dinner at Aunt Judi’s house
6/20/10 Daddy’s first Father’s Day
6/21/10 Pulled up on couch and took 5 steps along it!!!
6/23/10 Toddler Time at SPL
6/24/10-6/27/10 Stayed with Mimi and Papa while Mommy and Daddy went to Dallas
6/24/10 Went to VBS at Sonora
6/25/10 Went to VBS at Sonora
6/28/10 Had lunch with Daddy at his office
6/29/10 Sick child dr. appt with Dr. Livingston – First Stomach Virus (19 lbs. 8 oz.)
6/30/10 Toddler Time at SPL
7/1/10 Aunt Jenn came for dinner
7/2/10 Moved to Stage 3 Baby Foods
Spent the day with Bogles!!
Dinner at Nanny’s with the Bogles and Crowders
7/3/10 Farmer’s Market with Mommy, Daddy, Crowders, and Bogles
We have had the best month! Mommy has been home with you nearly all month long since it is summer vacation, and it has been so great! You have truly become an adventurous little girl this month. You love to explore new things and new areas. You have also started trying new foods. You absolutely love any bread product - you are your mother's child! You are the happiest baby and love everybody. I always prayed that I would have a baby that loved to smile and made other people happy just by a single smile. You definitely do that! You will go to anyone as long as they pay you some attention.
We love you so incredibly much and are constantly thanking God for letting us be your parents.
Mommy and Daddy

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Anonymous said...

Katie is always GUILTY of being CUTE!!!! that's why crowd love her so so so much!!!