Thursday, August 5, 2010

Katie is 9 months old!!!

How did my baby grow so fast???

What Katie's month was like....

7/4/10 First 4th of July (celebrated at our house with LOTS of family, food, and fireworks)
7/5/10 Went to Mimi and Papa’s house while Mommy and Daddy went to see Eclipse!
7/6/10 Stayed with Mimi while Mommy went to a workshop
7/8/10 Went to doctor (19 lbs. 5 oz.) blisters on your upper, inner thigh caused from Pampers
7/9/10 Started clapping
First word – “da-da” (says “uh-da-da”)
7/9-11/10 Went to see Grandma and Grandpa in Hot Springs
7/13/10 Stayed with Mimi while Mommy went to a workshop
7/14/10 Went to see Nanny and Papa since they were back from their month long vacation!
Toddler Time at SPL
7/15/10 Mommy accidentally cut your gum with her diamond (lots of tears and blood)
7/16/10 Lunch at Daddy’s office
Climbed a stair at Daddy’s office
7/18/10 Went to Sonora to see Aunt E get baptized
Went to dinner at Pattaya with Mimi, Papa, and Aunt E
7/23/10 Lunch at Daddy’s office
Showed off for Mr. Crouch
7/25/10 First Northwest Arkansas Naturals Baseball Game! Stayed through 4.5 innings
Last day in bed babies during nursery
7/27/10 Mommy went out of town for a workshop, and you spent the afternoon with Mimi and Emma and then had Daddy/Daughter time all night (he took you for a walk)
7/28/10 Mommy was still out of town. Daddy took you to Toddler Time at the Springdale Public Library, and then you spent about 45 minutes at his office before Mimi came to get you. You were at Mimi’s house all afternoon and then had Daddy/Daughter time all night (he played in the pool with you). In the middle of eating your supper, you said “Mama,” but you wouldn’t say it again.
7/29/10 Mommy was still out of town. You had a babysitter for the first time – Audrey Rogers. Daddy came home to eat lunch with you, you spent all afternoon with Mimi and Emma, and then you had Daddy/Daughter time all night (he took you on another long walk).
7/30/10 Mommy was still out of town. Hannah spent the morning with you, and then Mimi and Emma kept you until Mommy got home from her trip.
Mimi’s 46th Birthday
7/31/10 Went to Caleb Todd’s baby shower
8/1/10 Promotion Sunday in the Nursery – you got moved from the Baby Bloomers to the
Lunch at Mimi and Papa’s house to celebrate Mimi’s 46th birthday
8/2/10 Ate lunch with Mimi and Aunt E at Subway and learned how to drink through a straw
8/3/10 Aunt E came over while Mimi went out with friends

Kathryn Elizabeth,

We cannot believe how grown up you are getting to be. You pretty much crawl anywhere you want to go. You can walk along anything (even a wall - very funny). Your newest favorite snack is Mum Mums. YOU LOVE THEM! You will stop whatever you are doing when you see them. You eat pretty much any table food as long as it is cut up small. You are getting to be a PRO at picking your food up and getting it in your mouth. Daddy and I are still amazed at this! You love music and still loved to be sung to. If you are upset, I can sing a song and you will immediately stop crying. Baby girl, you are our pride and joy. We love you more than there are stars in the sky.


Mommy and Daddy

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