Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Few Days Worth...

Day 9 - July 31, 2010
Pontiac Coffee House was having a half-off Scholastic book sale (a teacher's dream). So, we loaded Katie up and went to pick out some books. The funny part was that both of my teammates - Joey and Kim - were there getting books, too. I spent $200 and got so many great books for my classroom library!! I can't wait to read them and book talk them to my kiddos this year.

Day 10 - August 2, 1010
Today was promotion Sunday in the nursery at church. My tiny little baby was moved to the bigger class, the Caterpillars. She is no longer a bed baby :o( So, when we left, she got to take a balloon home with her. She had so much fun with this purple balloon.

Day 11 - August 2, 2010
Katie learned to "strawberry" her food everywhere and this was the result! Though, I think she only does it with food she doesn't like because she didn't do it with any other food.

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