Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cooper's First Haircut!!

Cooper went to the groomer's on Friday and got his first haircut! Matt called during the day to check on him, and they said that Cooper hated the clippers and grooming him was a process! Our Cooper... NO WAY!

He came back and looked and smelled like a little man dog! I swear they put cologne on him.. He smelled so handsome! We saw his paws for the first time, too! They are so black and so cute!!

Cooper was VERY glad to be back home with Mommy and Daddy! We were glad he was home, too!


MC(B)Y said...

Y'all!!! He looks so stinkin' cute. Did they give him a Brazilian, I can't tell?

Matt said...

Yes - he's VERY Brazilian!

Fryar Family said...

Ya'll quit talking about my Granddog like that.... {:o)

Can't wait to give him some LOVE!