Monday, April 27, 2009

Peanut's First Pictures!

Our precious baby had "his" first pictures taken this afternoon! Matt and I walked in for the routine OB appointment, and Dr. Reiter said that he was going to do a first trimester ultrasound just to make sure everything looked good. Well, everything looked great! Peanut is measuring exactly where "he" is supposed to, and his little heart is beating 177 beats per minute.

Not to worry anyone, but I do have a placental hematoma that is inside the sac with the baby. The doctors didn't seem too concerned with it, but I did get to have two different ultrasounds today. The second one confirmed that there is no blood flow from the placenta to the hematoma, so it shouldn't be growing in size - which is definitely a praise! I will go again in 4 weeks, and they will check it via ultrasound... So, be looking for updated pictures of our precious baby!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Love Cooper's new haircut...very appropriate for summer. Glad your ultrasound turned out fine. On the bright side, you will get to see the baby more often!!

Fryar Family said...

Would you look at that? That's my grandbaby..... {:o)

Carman said...

I tagged you...See my blog. :)