Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have finally become the cool big sister...

I always wanted to be the cool big sister, but Emma never really had any friends that she did stuff with until lately. She has a new best friend, and her name is Kennedy. They are like two peas in a pod. They both love to dress up, wear make-up, play dolls, sing, dance, and they both have an incredible love for Hannah Montana! So, Mom and I decided to take the two little girls out to lunch and to see Hannah Montana the movie. Everywhere we went, I could hear Kennedy say, "I want to be by your sister.. She is so cool." And then came, "She's not cool... She's just my big sister." Kind of like a sword going through your heart. When I was leaving, Kennedy was like, "don't go Cori..." And Emma finally said, "don't go Cori, you're helping us have fun." She may never admit it, but she thinks I am a cool big sister!

The girls had a blast today! And I must admit that it was nice getting to hang with the girls. It definitely makes me look forward to being a mom!!

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Fryar Family said...

Cori, you have always been the cool big sister, now just to more kids than Emma.