Sunday, February 8, 2009

Progress and Promise

From Matt
I have a lunch meeting scheduled on Thursday with two of the partners in my firm and (scary and exciting!) Johnson, Sr. Note: If you don't know who Johnson, Sr. is, you need to read the last blog post I wrote before this one... AND... I was at a Bar Foundation dinner on Friday night with one of my bosses. I overheard him tell someone, after he introduced me to them, that they were "going to try to bring [me] into the firm." So - things are looking good!!! Keeping us in your thoughts and prayers - I feel like I'm finally coming to the end of a long, long, long road.

As a side thought: Cori and I were in Little Rock this weekend. We went shopping at one of the malls with Jenn, and we found a stone plaque at Kirkland's that we absolutely had to buy. It says: "Sometimes we have to set aside our own plans so that we may follow the path God has created for us" (or something along those lines). I thought it was a very important lesson that I've been in the process of learning over the last few months. Though I still probably haven't completely embraced that ideology, I at least understand its principles a little better than I used to.

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