Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My sweet class...

I just wanted to write a quick post about my sweet kiddos that I spend a great deal of time with... I lead a book club that has six 5th grade girls in it. We chose to read books that also have movies with them. We read the book together and then have a movie night and discuss the differences in the book and movie. It is a great opportunity for these girls and I love spending time with them. This first picture is of 4 of my girls: (left to right) Jennifer, Me, Helen, Sonia, Leanna.

This next picture is the same group of 4 girls (I happened to have my camera with me the day that 2 of the girls were absent), but they are by themselves and you can see their lunch trays in front of them.

Now we get to group pictures of my class. These pictures were taken at our Valentine's Day party. Let me just say that I really do have the BEST class, EVER!!! (left to right) Shyan, Rachel, Daemon, Diego, Aaron, and Roberto on the bottom.

This is a group picture of (top - left to right, and then bottom - left to right) Erickson, Sonia, Kelsey, Nickson, Miguel, Alexis.

This is Russell, Perla and Helen.

This is Lynn, Maria, and Jacob. These are 3 of the sweetest children in my class!

Here is a group eating their food at our party. Jesus, Katelyn, Melanie, Yolanda, Andrew, and Leanna.

On special days (i.e. Christmas party day, Valentine party day, etc) I let the kids eat in the room. I also let them watch a short movie while they are in there (mainly to keep them quiet)!!!

I absolutely love my class and the thought of letting them go at the end of the year just breaks my heart... I guess I will just have to start all over next year!

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